Hey There

Hi! Welcome to the blog!

My name is Ele and I love reading, studying, learning, researching, sharing my experiences, and what I have learned. Please note that English is not my first language, so I am sorry for any inconvenience. I hope this blog is up to the task and that is useful for the readers.   We can all learn from everyone’s experiences.

Why Cherry?

I always loved the Cherry tree. I think is so pretty and sophisticated. Yet the simple flower is humble. As a tree, it has branches, as life has. Also, the cherry fruit is so delicious, we all are called to give good fruit with our lives.

Facts about me:

I like nature. Either forest, beach, or snow and I really enjoy the outdoors. I also love to travel and get to know foreign and different cultures.

I like to exercise, I like to swim (I am good at it), aerial dance (basic about it) and ski (very basic about it).

I am an evening person but I would love to be one of those morning persons that wake up 5 am and get a lot done first thing in the morning.

I love God and learn constantly about Him.

I hope the reader enjoys this blog as much as I am writing!

Love Ele

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