Category: Unpopular opinions

Unpopular topics and opinions around us in this world

  • The negative impact of illegal immigration.

    Illegal immigration has always occurred in the USA. But now, this crisis is endangering the sovereignty of the Country. The causes of this crisis are many, and its impact affects the lives of many and the Nation. But, there are many, many that are being affected by this crisis. Let us explore who is impacted. Citizens…

  • 11 Good Things Donald Trump did as President.

    Was Donald Trump a good or bad President? Donald Trump has been widely criticized for a thousand reasons. The media has tried hard to make a lot of people dislike him. However, was he really a bad president? Let’s look at the things he did during his term. This shouldn’t be a  popularity contest, the…

  • Choose wisely: How to vote with your conscience.

    In the elections in Mexico, people in general let themselves be carried away by the candidate. They do not pay much attention to the cabinet, the party, or the ideals of the party. They vote for the candidate they like and the one who promises them gifts.  They don’t care about anything else. If they…

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