The negative impact of illegal immigration.

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Illegal immigration has always occurred in the USA. But now, this crisis is endangering the sovereignty of the Country.

The causes of this crisis are many, and its impact affects the lives of many and the Nation. But, there are many, many that are being affected by this crisis. Let us explore who is impacted.

I want to start with US citizens and legal immigrants (Residents). Everyone focuses on illegal aliens, but the most forgotten group is the citizens. The government, or at the very least, the Democratic Party government, likes to place illegal aliens above citizens and legal immigrants.

How so? There are a lot of homeless people in the big cities, people who are citizens. There are also veterans who fought for their country and old people who need help.

Yet, they are getting nothing. These illegals come into the country breaking the law, putting a burden on the asylum system. Then the sanctuary cities give them everything for free.

When I say everything I mean everything. They get a place to stay, including in 5-star hotels, meals, diapers, car seats, MetroCards for transportation, free healthcare, etc.

No citizen or legal immigrant gets help like this, not even the most in need. The taxpayers pay for all of it, and we are talking about millions and millions of dollars.

This makes me so angry. The tax dollars should go to the ones that contribute and work hard for it. For their benefit. What benefit are these taxpayers seeing? Only that their money pays the benefits of undeserving people, who want a lot for free.

These illegal immigrants came here without papers. That means we don’t know who they are, and we do not have criminal records from them.

When you come into the country legally you are required to meet certain requirements. This includes a medical exam, and proof of criminal records from your country of origin.

If someone is sponsoring you, or if you are applying on your own for an immigrant visa, you need to prove financial stability.

You, and your sponsor, sign financial affidavits (affidavit of support). You both are committing to the promise that the new immigrant won’t be a financial burden to the welfare system or to the government.

Old illegal immigrants used to provide for themselves, without much government help. Family helped family members and used to try to integrate into society. Legal immigrants who are taxpayers too are being placed below the illegal immigrants in this system.

Many illegal immigrants are not grateful people. They complain about many things. For example, if their stay at the hotel has expired, if they are sent to a shelter below their “standards”, they waste or dislike the food, and they demand to be paid for everything until they get a job.

They are not even happy with what they are getting as you can see, and are demanding more and better. But this country owns nothing to them.

The worst is that they believe the “government” is paying for it. Well of course the government is paying for it, but where does that money come from? Taxpayers. They do not think for a second about how their being here is affecting others.

A wave of crime is emerging too. We all have seen the news of innocent citizens being murdered by illegal immigrants. We have cases like Laken RileyTrooper Christopher M. GaddRiordan and Melissa Powell, and many many others.

The cities in many ways

In this section, I will explain other ways in which citizens and legal immigrants are being affected by illegal immigration. Now we will talk about the impact at the community level.

Budget for communities

The financial burden the cities are carrying by supporting these illegal aliens has harmed their budgets. This affects the cities because the budget impacts the school system and the police and firefighters budget. For example, in New York City.

Who is the most affected by these measures? Of course the most vulnerable.

Now I am not a fan of the public education system, but it is not okay that some schools are being used as Shelters for these illegals. The taxpayer’s children are being removed from their school in order to shelter these ilegals.

Kids that illegals bring with them are being placed into the school system to get an education. These children often do not speak English so extra resources are being put in place for them. Again, they get all of this for free.

In my opinion, if the parents are not taxpayers, they need to be charged for the education and special attention these kids are getting.

Also, Chicago has been struggling with similar problems to those of New York. The most affected by this situation is the black community. They feel displaced by the illegal immigrants, and want the situation to stop.

Some of the illegals end up in police stations, airports, and parks or streets where they camp as homeless. This removes the peace and the purpose of these places. Now they are not secure for the users.

They are taking these places from the taxpayers who deserve the public space and who have paid for it.

In my opinion, if an illegal alien ends up in a homeless situation should be charged with a felony. Then deported, because it is a burden for the system, and does not positively contribute to society.

The same should be done if they end up being squatters. The system protects squatters over homeowners. This has to change, but if one of these is an illegal, it should be significantly easier to evict them. It should also be a good reason for deportation, since they are trespassing on private property.


Some gangs have infiltrated the shelters as we have seen all over the news, with the increase of violence in NY. They get caught and released without bail. Then they are back in the street committing crimes again, without being deported. If this is not putting them above citizens and legal immigrants, I don’t know what is.

Now, it is not like this all over the country, New York laws make it possible. Honestly, who wants to be a police officer under those circumstances? The payment is not the best for such an expensive city, their resources are being given to these illegals.

If the illegals commit a crime, and are arrested for those crimes, they are more likely released. That sounds like a very bad joke. They need to be deported if they attack anybody. 

Our country states that nobody is about the law. Well, I have seen that criminals like Hilary Clinton and other politicians (more likely Democrats), are above the law. Now this also includes illegal immigrants.

If you are praying peacefully outside of an abortion clinic, you may face 10 years in prison, but an illegal immigrant who commits violent crimes walks free in the street. 

Health system

Another way the illegal immigrants are a burden is the health system. They overload it, when in general, there is a shortage of healthcare workers. Not to mention, they are more likely not to pay their bills. In the end, it is the US Citizens who pay for their healthcare.

In this country, medical bills are very expensive, and having good health insurance is not cheap. Not to mention that copays and deductibles can be expensive too. If good regular people pay all these bills, why aren’t the illegals being forced to pay theirs?

Unless these illegals are in a life-threatening situation, they should wait longer to receive medical care than citizens and legal immigrants.  I know they are human beings like everybody else, but it is not fair that because of them, citizens and legal immigrants have to wait longer, especially if the illegals are not paying.


Illegal immigrants have no papers to work. So they can be paid whatever, this lowers the wages and steals jobs for those who can work legally. It is not true that they do jobs that white people refuse to do.

I have seen white people work in those jobs. Like construction, plumbing, electricity, mowing lawns, fixing appliances, being truck drivers, and working for legal immigrants of color cutting trees.


Again since they have no papers, they can’t have a driver’s license in most of the states. In the USA, you need a car to move around in general. So they end up driving cars without a plate or a fake one or a stolen one, without insurance, and of course, they don’t study the transit laws.

All of these make them a higher driving risk. Transit laws in other countries are different and take a while to adjust to. Because of all these, they may commit infractions and cause accidents injuring and/or killing innocent people.

In my opinion, if an illegal is driving without a driver’s license and/or insurance should be penalized and deported, especially if they cause an accident.

The country they immigrate to.

We are mainly talking about immigration to the USA, but these ilegals travel through different countries, causing a burden there too. Some may decide to stay in one of these countries instead of continuing to the USA.

Taxpayer money that can be used to improve communities or services is used instead to handle these ilegals. This is at a micro and a macro level, in both the countries they travel through, and in the USA

Resources may include the military, money to strengthen their borders, and money to pay for the deportation of these people. Money to increase the security for their citizens as well. How many millions of Dollars were destined for the border wall or the razor wire in Texas?

Every country has the right, and the responsibility, to defend its borders and to protect its sovereignty. All that requires the use of resources. That is taxpayer money I am happy to see used, however, the amount of money used at this point has become very high.

People say: Oh we have to help these people who are having a difficult time in their country of origin. Of course, this may be true and I understand the need to flee to another country.

What I do not understand is this culture of not doing things properly. This culture of cutting in lines or not doing it legally is not good for anyone.

If someone is responsible for helping these people, it is their country of origin. They are the ones responsible for giving them a good and safe life, or the resources or easiness to achieve it.

And yes it is possible. If El Salvador can fix many of its problems, every country can.

If they are already in another country, and they need help, no taxpayer money should be used for them. They should go to their embassy and consulates, to demand help from their governments. They are the ones that should be responsible for helping them.

Illegals should be responsible people but they often are not. When you travel to a destination you create a budget, save for the trip, and plan where are you going to stay. A responsible traveler would have an emergency, or contingency plan, in case things are not as expected. 

He or she would purchase a traveler’s insurance that covers health emergencies, research about the weather, and the kind of clothes to take with him. They do none of this, and therefore end up being a burden wherever they go.

Some people use the argument that the sacred family fled from Judea to Egypt. Thus we should welcome everyone. I am not saying not to treat Illegals like the human beings they are, of course not.

I am saying we should protect our own countries and fix our problems first, before trying to someone else. This includes being fair to our population first. If we decide we can help someone else there are proper ways of doing it. Illegal immigration is not the way.

The Sacred Family didn’t immigrate illegally. At that time, both Judea and Egypt belonged to the Roman Empire. It is like a French moving to Germany within the European Union. The Sacred Family would never set a bad example like immigrating illegally.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church established in the numeral 2241, the following about this issue:

The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him. 

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

As you can see, the Church is not ok with illegal immigration. Is not opposed to immigration as long as the country that is receiving those immigrants can do it within their means. Taxpayer money is not an infinite resource, it is finite and should be used in their citizens’ interests first.

Also, immigrants should follow the laws of that country, and avoid as it is said, being civic burdens. Illegal immigrants often don’t comply with any of these, they don’t show gratitude either in many cases.

Legal immigrants comply with all of these (most of them, most of the time). This is a major difference. We all know the USA has a long history of immigration, and is not opposed to it as long as it is legal.

The illegal aliens themselves.

In their journey

The illegal aliens hurt themselves, and get hurt in many ways through this process. In my opinion, they and their families pay a high price for going this way about it. A much higher price than if they would immigrate legally.

To begin, many of these immigrants come from South America, so one of the first steps is to cross the Darien Jungle. Any jungle is one of the most hostile environments you can get into. The heat, humidity, poisonous plants, all sorts of insects and snakes, predators etc.

Most of these immigrants, when interviewed, about it, said that this is the most difficult part of the journey. It is so difficult that they won’t even want to talk much about it. They said that it was a horrible experience, and that they saw untellable things.

We are talking about dead bodies in their path, the possibility of being attacked by criminals or becoming one of those bodies.

Then, they keep their journey going by traveling through other countries. In those countries they many times are forced to deal with the authorities, hunger, thirst, not having a place to stay, being robbed, raped, trafficked, kidnaped, or targeted by cartels.

When they arrive at the Mexico-US border, they may pay from 5000 to 20,000 dollars to the cartels, or to a coyote in order to cross. They may cross the desert, suffer thirst and hunger, facing the possibility of being left behind and abandoned if not walking at the right pace. 

Or they may cross the river, where they can drown and suffer hypothermia. The US-Mexico border is the most dangerous in the world.

The illegal immigrants, always face the possibility of being murdered if they can’t afford to pay the cartels, or being abandoned to death in the back of a truck, or the trunk of a car. 

The hard truth is that the immigrants put themselves in this situation. Nobody else forced them to do so. At the end of the day, it was their own choice, since they could immigrate legally to several countries, not just the USA, avoiding many if not all of these issues.

If they are willing to gather the money for that long trip, and to pay the cartels, Why they are not willing to use all that time, energy, and resources to find a reputable immigration lawyer?

There are several countries they can choose that would have easier ways to immigrate to than the USA. Also, the USA has different kinds of work visas they can apply if they want to. For example the H1B, agricultural visas, or NAFTA visas. Why not look into that?

In the USA.

The moment they arrive to the USA, they face other difficulties. Where to stay, they can’t legally work, they can’t legally drive. Breaking the law and entering the country illegally, doesn’t help their case when trying to legalize themselves.

To become a permanent resident, one of the requirements is a legal entry into the Country. To be able to fix the mess illegal aliens got into by entering the country illegally, will likely take an immigration lawyer.

This can cost a lot of money, way more than if they had done it legally since the beginning. They will likely wait years and years in this process. It will be a difficult road for them.

Loneliness is another downside they will face. Every immigrant, legal or not, will face cultural shock wherever they move, and of course, a form of grieving called the immigrant syndrome.

They don’t have their family, friends, language, food, and a familiar environment. If they have children, they don’t have a support system. Adapting is hard on everybody. Obviously, it would be harder for someone who decided to put obstacles in their way by not legally entering a country.

This transition would be easier if they chose to immigrate to a country with a similar background, language, or culture to theirs.

Also, legal immigrants can go back and visit home whenever they want. They can travel outside the country. Illegals can’t. If they leave the country, they can’t come back unless they cross again illegally.

Someone applying for “Asylum” is doing so because they can’t return to their country because “it would be very dangerous for them”. If someone goes back during or after the process, it would put the asylum application at risk, and can understandably be denied.

Most of these people don’t speak the language and are uneducated. Which makes it difficult for them to find a good job. Even if they have a skill set that is in demand, if they cannot communicate, how will they succeed?

As a result, they end up having low-paying jobs without benefits, and often end up being exploited, since they can’t protest their situation. The employer can do with them whatever they want.

Illegals always face the possibility of being deported. I know this administration is being very “benevolent” with those illegals, but administrations change, and immigration laws change. Look at the case of Europe, especially the Nordic countries.

One of the complaints against deportation is the separation of families. That is no one responsibility but the illegals themselves. That would never happen if they came here legally, and behaved properly.

If deportation were to happen they should return with their whole family, even if some of their family members are legally here. That would avoid that separation they complain so much about.


In my opinion, those most affected are the children. I just explained much of what the illegals go through on their journeys. Many came here with their entire families, including small children. It is very irresponsible and dangerous to put children through that ordeal.

If an adult suffers all kinds of problems like crime, abuse, hunger, thirst, illness, or not having a place to stay, a child will suffer even more.

Some of these irresponsible and selfish parents bring their children on purpose because they know they would get preference or more benefits because of the children. That is absolutely despicable.

It is not just irresponsible, but it is child abuse. Many are raped or trafficked into forced labor or sexual crimes. There have been 85 thousand unaccompanied minors in the last three years that have crossed the border, and we don’t know what happened to them.

Child protection services should intervene If a child brought by illegal immigrants inside the country shows signs of dehydration, poor nutrition, hypothermia, illness, or physical abuse (including sexual abuse).

Also if the person claims to be the parent cannot prove the child is theirs, then that child should be removed from those who might be an impostor.

In this country, a lot of good people are scared of child protection services. I know the case of a family whose neighbors called to report them because their children were playing in their backyard barefooted in the fall and unsupervised. 

The mom is a stay-at-home wife, and their elder child is a teenager very capable of taking care of the younger siblings. Temperatures in the fall are not dangerous to anyone. As a result, they had to contact a lawyer.

If normal decent people fear child protection services because of incidents like that, where are they with these children at the border who really need help?

The Trump administration had DNA test, completed on illegal aliens and the result was that one-third of the kids had been trafficked. The Biden administration removed that DNA test requirement. Now we don’t know if these are real families coming together or child traffickers.

Some parents understand the risk of bringing their children with them and they leave them behind with the other parent or family members. This unfortunately is also another form of abuse.

No matter how much money, or how many gifts that you send back home. The child will likely see this as an abandonment. A child needs their parent’s presence. Nothing would replace this emptiness, and it is one of the worst things you can do to a child.

This would leave psychological wounds that can last for life. If you are here illegally or seeking asylum, are you going to see your children again? Neither bringing the child nor leaving them behind is good for the child.

The only option is to immigrate legally to this country or another country so that everyone can be at peace without risks or psychological wounds. This is the best way to protect the children.

Real asylum seekers.

The asylum system is put in place to help people who in their country of origin face political or religious prosecution. Ideally, it should first be used to help people from Mexico or Canada, since they are direct neighbors of the USA.

If someone needs asylum, they should first go somewhere that is safer in their own country. Then ask for help in the surrounding countries. The system here is so abused, that people not just from Latin America but from Syria, China, Africa, and the world are pouring over the border.

Unfortunately, asylum can’t be requested at a US embassy or consulate. The USA should only analyze petitions from people of such remote countries if they enter legally, or go to a legal port of entry and they already have asked for asylum in several other countries and were denied. Even then, standards of who is allowed in must be put in place.

80-90% of asylum petitions are denied. These people at the end of their process would get a deportation order. To be approved, you need to show actual proof that your life is in danger or you face persecution for political, religious, or race based reasons among others.

“Poverty” does not qualify as a reason to be granted asylum. If people pay thousands of dollars to the cartels to come here illegally, they can’t be called poor.

Most of the people that enter the country illegally, and then claim asylum, have no real basis for it. The only thing they want is to be allowed into the country. This has prolonged the waiting time for a court date by years.

The only ones who benefit from all this are the fake asylum seekers while the real asylum seekers are harmed. Once asylum is granted it can be eventually revoked.

For example, if the conditions in their country of origin change, their asylum can be revoked. Let’s say someone escaping a war and then the war ends. The USA has no reason to keep helping that person by allowing them to stay here.

The President of El Salvador Bukele has helped his country from being the most dangerous to becoming the safest country in the Americas. Therefore, people who ran away from the gang violence, and are refugees or live here under TPS, in theory, have no more reason to be here.

If asylum refugees real or not, misbehave, that jeopardizes the asylum program. This is exactly what is happening in Europe, particularly in the Nordic countries. They were very open to refugees. But the refugees failed to adapt to the new environment, by learning to speak the language and to be successful in getting jobs.

As a result, they are living on welfare forever, without wanting to work to improve themselves. Crime has increased in unprecedented ways, including violent ones like rape and murder. Gangs have emerged, and the citizens and government have had enough.

The consequence is that massive deportation of illegals has started, and their asylum rules are really strict. The purpose is that the refugees don’t stay for long.

With all these refugees, also gangs and criminals of all kinds have come through. Such as human and drug traffickers, spies, terrorists, etc. Citizens had enough. I wouldn’t count on things to keep being the same just like in Europe.

Who doesn’t get hurt and actually benefits from it?

I know this article is about how everyone gets hurt by illegal immigration. However, some very evil people benefit from it, and actually profit from it.

I have mentioned before, we are talking about human and child traffickers, cartels on both sides of the border, and drug smugglers. Just to mention some. They are making thousands of dollars per head that enter that border. It’s a multimillion-dollar business.

There are also complete gangs that have entered as “refugees”, like the Venezuelan gangs vandalizing NY. They are robbing people, and attacking police officers without much consequences. Not to mention other criminals, that as I mentioned before, had murdered innocent citizens.

Also, some terrorists and spies from different parts of the world have been detained. These would benefit their home countries, assuming these countries are enemies of the USA. The question is how many haven’t gotten caught vs how many have gotten through?

Here is a video from Nick Shirley. He and his mom are covering the border crisis by going to the border and following these illegals all the way to NY. In this video, he focuses on these evil people, and how they profit from this problem. Also, they point out the terrible reality that occurs on that border.

You can watch their videos on his channel, they are very interesting, brave, and well done.

It is also known that massive immigration has been used to destabilize entire countries. George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, along with Non-profits, and the UN (with US taxpayer money) help these illegal immigrants.

There are several ways, either financially, with food, or housing. The purpose is to help these illegal immigrants arrive in the USA.

Their goal is to split the countries and debilitate them. A weak country is easier to manipulate.

In France, there are complete areas of immigrants where the police can’t just get in. These areas are called no-go zones. The immigrants do whatever they want and there, and there is no way to enforce any law. As a result, France is no longer the same.

Let’s not forget the Elephant in the room. The government we have right now has a policy of open borders. What they want is to import new voters. This is the reason they treat illegals better than citizens, and they don’t care about the criticism that they receive.

The goverment knows nobody like them. They are losing black and Spanish voters in hoards. So importing new voters is their only option.

The problem is the more you give to them the more you incentivize them coming through the border.

These are honest and working people, who just want a better life.

The illegal immigration advocates may argue that these can’t make a living in their home country, they are escaping horrible situations and/ or they are hard-working people. They swear they are trustworthy and honest people.

But are they? If someone enters the country illegally, thus breaking the law, what makes you believe that they will follow the law inside the country? They are choosing to cut corners, to skip the line. This sets a bad precedent for what is acceptable.

Entering a country illegally is like stealing something that doesn’t belong to you. I have seen in videos about the border how some of them praise the Lord when they arrive in the country, I find this disgusting.

Is like a thief praising the Lord for letting him inside a house to rob it and “improve his life” And they are stealing. They steal peace in the communities, jobs that should have gone to citizens or residents, spots in schools, and spots in hospitals without pay for those services.

Taxpayer money can be used to benefit communities, and instead, it is being used on dealing with them. Parks or community centers that should belong to the public, are being used to allocate them.

Some may argue that illegal immigration is not a real crime. Even if you deny that illegal immigration is an actual crime, the illegals commit other crimes.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a crime is:

an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government

If crossing the border is illegal then is a crime, so these people are criminals. But is not just that. They engage because of their condition of illegals in other illegal activities.

For example, they drive without a license, use illegal cars or platesdrive without insurance, and work without permits. Some may engage in more criminal behavior like squatting, stealing social security numbers, or theft. Some even engage in prostitution.

I will give you an example. A coworker of mine, when I used to live in Mexico has 2 siblings living in the USA. They came here illegally, but after 10 years of work, they were able to obtain legal status. Now one has a car repair business, and his sister has a house cleaning company.

I asked him if his sister would help illegal immigrants by hiring them (this is easy to imagine since she was once illegal). His answer was a clear “No”. Because they go inside the houses to “clean”, and instead they steal whatever they can. 

Then his sister’s business reviews and reputation are damaged. As a result, she only hires people with proper immigration status. Go figure, not even all fashioned illegal aliens trust these new illegal aliens.

Now there was this horrible incident at El Paso border where these illegal immigrants committed several crimes at the same time. They cut the razor wire, crossed the border, used violence, and attacked the US military. If these are not criminals, I don’t know what they are.

What to do?

As a civilian

Vote accordingly, protest peacefully, and talk to your representatives. Push for measures that might help to stop illegal immigration. For example, if your city is a sanctuary city, vote to revoke that status. Do the same for your state.

Support massive deportation, and demand that public spaces be returned to the taxpayers. Also, demand that no money should be spent on illegal immigrants, either in your community, city, or state.

If you have a business or a company, don’t hire illegal immigrants. If you are a landlord don’t rent to them. What proof do you have they would pay you? How do you know they won’t be hard to evict if needed?

Some companies are getting tax incentives to hire and house illegal immigrants. Companies like Tyson Foods and Amazon are committed to this. An easy solution is to boycott these companies. There are alternatives out there like buy from local ranchers, Good Ranchers, or Public Square.

In legislation

The asylum system should be revised and improved too, so that not many applicants can access it without a proper filter. The current law states that they have to be in the country regardless of their immigration status.

I do not agree with this, at least, they should be forced to apply at a rightful port of entry. The asylum solicitations pending should be rightfully filtered to spot fake applications. Those applications that don’t have a reasonable case should be deported immediately. 

Also, there should be high fines and jail time for those applying without a real basis, and for those committing immigration fraud. That way, the time for real asylum seekers would be shortened, and fewer fraudulent applications would be submitted. 

If any illegal immigrant commits a crime such as a felony, robbery, squatting, or abusing anyone, they should be deported immediately. Regardless of whether their state or city is a “Sanctuary”. Strict measures should be taken if we really want to save the country.

If the illegals are allowed to stay, they should never be allowed to become full citizens, vote, or receive government benefits and their kids should not be allowed to become US citizens automatically.

With Child trafficking

In the case of child trafficking and child prostitution, we should advocate for several measures. Starting with real proof from these immigrants that the children are their own, either with papers, IDs, or DNA tests. 

If they can’t prove that they are guardians, the children should be removed from them, and the children’s real families in their countries of origin should be contacted.

If the children show any kind of physical or psychological abuse, or if they have been endangered, child protective services should step in. There should be a strict follow-up of unaccompanied minors who are being encountered at the border.

There are two organizations I know dedicated to rescuing these trafficked children. They help them and help prevent these horrible situations. One is Operation Underground Railroad, and the other one is the Child Rescue coalition.

As an immigrant

The USA is the country that legally immigrates more people than anyone in the world. About 1 million people every year immigrate to the USA. That is a lot of people, and there is no need, or room for illegal immigration in this country.

This invasion will change the USA forever, ultimately destroying the country. The USA is on a path to third-world status, in large part thanks to illegal immigration. If you want to come to the USA, do it legally. This would save you a lot of time and money, and you won’t endanger your life or the lives of those you love.

I am a Citizen of the US who immigrated here, as anybody should, legally. It took 5 years and 9 months for me to become a Citizen. This is from the moment I started my process of applying for my immigration visa in my country of origin, to the green card, and to the moment I became a Citizen.

I didn’t use an immigration lawyer since my process was easy and straightforward. I spent around 4000 dollars in those 5 years counting every step of the process. You would have to pay more than that to “illegally immigrate”.

The reason my process was so easy from the get-go was that when I had a tourist visa, I always used it properly. I only used it for tourism, never worked on it, and never overstayed it.

I don’t recommend coming with a tourist visa if what you want is to immigrate to the USA. This will only close doors to you, and would hurt your case, having serious long term consequences.

This may include but is not limited to, the revocation of the visa, not being able to renew it, being barred from the USA, and not being able to adjust your status (legalize your status) being otherwise eligible.

I would highly recommend, instead of pursuing illegal means, hiring a reputable immigration lawyer (there can be scams so make sure it is a good reliable lawyer) to see what options you have.

There are several kinds of working visas, not just the green card. There may be other ways for you to immigrate legally, but you have no idea until you go and see a lawyer.

Also, a lawyer would be very helpful if you are trying to migrate with your family members, if your case is complicated, if you entered the country illegally, or if you have criminal charges in your history (even if they are minor charges).

If you can’t come to the USA to talk to a lawyer, I am sure that technology may help you. A video call with them may be all you need. Avoiding all that headache and coming here legally, is the honorable thing to do.


Immigration should first benefit the main recipient country and its citizens, and secondly the immigrants. Immigration should be lawful and orderly. The host country is in all right to set the rules and enforce them. Immigrants should be grateful, and they should behave accordingly.

Illegal immigration is immoral because the illegal aliens are forcing themselves to be taken in by the recipient countries, and because of all of its consequences as explained in this article.

Illegal immigrants should demand that their home country governments do their jobs and help them to have a better life, instead of going to other countries demanding there.

Neither this country, nor other countries owe them anything or have the obligation to help them in any way.

The immigrants, legal or illegal, are accountable for their own lives, decisions, and responsibilities. They shouldn’t abuse any help that is given to them. Nobody, including them, is above the law. Especially the illegal immigrants.

Legal immigration is the safest, easiest, and cheapest way to go, both for the immigrant and for the recipient country.

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